oo-to (oo-tu) adj. noun. meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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King of the Bay '03

Gallery day 1
Gallery day 2 and 3

"Comraderie" with one exception defined the KOTB weekend of gorgeous weather and hella' sick bird kiting. The boys and girls had their fun with their silly colorful kites and funny handle pass kite loops.

To the audiences pleasure and chagrin of locals, primo donno "model boy" Ben Meyer took a shower and wore new clothes.

"Joey come lately', aka Andre Phillipe seems to know something... He won the event but not by trying, he just seems to have more fun, by accident.

This, of course, made lil' Chip the 'ol Joey' jealous. It is totally sad to see what can happen to a nice person who becomes self-centered, angry and vengeful to an extent which practically ruined everything. Well practically.

Our event was fun. After 3 days of extended kiting moves at full velocity and 50 yarders, keg stands, brazillian bikinis and hot chicks, it seems a blur except of course highlights, such as chicks who kick some ass and guys who make up moves never before done, as they go. Sick moves were pulled by almost every competitor and I doubt words can convey the awe communicated by a super stoked audience in the hundreds.

Andre won, Sky was second, Tybo 3rd and Doyle 4th for Pro Men. In Women, Rebecca won, Brie was second, Dana 3rd and Jody was 4th. In the expression session Adam Finer sent huge air, the rest was decided by hair color, highlights and matching jerseys in what can only be described as a totally gay ultranectar session.

The event was awesome, riders reaffirmed friendships and the audience was cool. The event had a single disappointment. Chip Wasson crashed his kite in the ultranectar session and his kite turned inside out and he had to go in early with Mathew looking on. Our hearts go out to Chip becuase this is the first year he lost his contest.

See you at the beach,


Rey de la Bahia '03

Gallery day 1

Gallery day 2 and 3

"Comraderie" con una excepci¤n defini¤ el fin de semana de KOTB del pİjaro enfermo magnÃfico del tiempo y del hella ' kiting. Los muchachos y las muchachas tenÃan su diversi¤n con sus cometas coloridas tontas y lazos divertidos de la cometa del paso de la manija.

Las audiencias placer y chagrin de locals, el donno "muchacho" Ben Meyer del prima del modelo llev¤ una ducha y us¤ las ropas nuevas.

"Joey viene ltimamente ', aka Andre Phillipe se parece saber algo... Öl gan¤ el acontecimiento pero no intentando, »l apenas se parece tener mİs diversi¤n, por accidente.

Esto, por supuesto, hizo que el lil ' salta ' el ol Joey ' celoso. Es totalmente triste ver qu» puede suceder a una persona agradable que haga egoc»ntrica, enojada y vengeful a un grado que arruin¤ prİcticamente todo. Pozo prİcticamente.

Despu»s de 3 dÃas de kiting extendido se mueve a velocidad completa y 50 yarders, el barrilete estİ parado, los bikinÃes brazillian y los polluelos calientes, se parece una falta de definici¤n a menos que por supuesto los toques de luz, tales como polluelos que golpeen a algn asno e individuos con el pie que nunca hagan para arriba movimientos antes de hecho, pues van. Los movimientos enfermos fueron tirados por casi cada competidor y dudo que las palabras pueden transportar el temor comunicado por una audiencia alimentada estupenda en los centenares.

Andre ganado, cielo estaba en segundo lugar, Tybo 3ro y Doyle 4to para los favorables hombres. En mujeres, Rebecca ganado, brie estaba en segundo lugar, Dana 3ro y Jody era 4to. En el aire enorme enviado mİs fino de Adİn de la sesi¤n de la expresi¤n, el resto era decidido por color del pelo, toques de luz y jerseys que emparejaban en qu» se puede describir solamente como sesi¤n ultranectar totalmente alegre.

El acontecimiento era impresionante, los jinetes reafirmaron amistades y la audiencia estaba fresca. El acontecimiento tenÃa una sola Chip Wasson de la decepci¤n estrell¤ su cometa en la sesi¤n ultranectar y su cometa dada vuelta adentro hacia fuera y »l tuvieron que entrar temprano con Mathew que miraba encendido. Nuestros corazones salen saltar becuase que »ste es el primer a“o »l perdi¤ su competencia.

V»ale en la playa,