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meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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Loreto to La Paz

One hundred fifty miles is an intimidating distance to paddle a kayak. Tim Means of Baja Expeditions invited me to go along from Loreto to La Paz. I went to learn to beach kayak camp.

Vast landscapes draw a backdrop for theatre of the natural world, kayaking from Loreto to La Paz. The course is made diverse by seven immense islands and countless dimunitive brother and sister islas. The entire scene is beyond comprehension in a moment's glance, too much of nothing, or was that something, a ripple of schooling dolphins, the spray plume of an exasperating whale, hammerhead shark swimming S-turns or countless other possibilities.

Baja California is known as La Frontera de Mexico, whose dramatic sierras are formed from volcanic and tetonic forces causing the mountain ranges to turn a different direction, color and texture at each inspection. It's unspoiled lands, generous people, stark moon-like horizons, welcoming sea and extremely diverse nature, present a peaceful and yet breathtakingly dramatic opportunity to experience our world.

This group chose Baja Expeditions to make the trip possible, guides in outdoor adventure in the US and Mexico for more than two or three decades. The choice was a wise and well researched one which resulted in a luxorious adventure trip, considerating that we were kayaking and camping, across the seas to remote beaches, each night in a different spot. Nonetheless, the cuisine was beyond anything we've ever seen in terms of delicious flavor, healthyness, uniqueness, freshness and timely presentation while unpretentious. Truly, you've heard the word before, unpretentious, to describe a dining experience but until you've really experienced it, the words do not come out of your mouth, until that moment that blends inventive, flavorful presentation, simply, again, and again.

The staff led by guide Carlos Timoteo are relentness in maintaining high standards for ecology, while ensuring comfort and cleanliness for the visiting group. That couldn't be possible without non-stop attention to detail by friendly members, lancheros Mario y Tito, chef Jaun Carlos and cap'n Oligario. Somewhat proudly, I can stay we took nothing (except the occasional garbage we found) and left nothing behind. We did leave with a sense of calm inner peace and a connection with the nature we met and the friends we made.
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