oo-to (oo-tu) adj. noun.  
meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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On line Kite School - Read Ooto's basic Kitesurfing introduction to etiquette and beginner technique prior to learning to fly a big kite.

Tricks - Super new moves... plus the same classic old ones by your favorite riders.



Introduction - Go fly a kite.

Safety - Stretch, relax, hydrate and drop the attitude.

First Session
- How to get started kitesurfing.

Ambassador - Be a kitesurfing ambassador.

Beaches - Directions, summary, tips.

History - Who invented kite surfing?


Glossary - Kiting equipment terms.

Nutrition - Eat and hydrate for a healthy lifestyle.

Products - More fun things from Ooto - Visors, Baseball Caps and Surfing Rash Guards for adventure and going [out].

- 2 versus 4

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