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Air Show

Greetings from Crissy Field San Francisco California. The first Ooto Interactive Kite Tour Air Show was held May 10th, 2003 in what can only be described as a beautful day - Sunny and windy. Crissy balked at noon with light wind but shortly thereafter at 2pm the conditions set up for an afternoon of kiting that offered wind 15-25 knots and thousands of spectators, photographers and excellent riding by all participants. The final show-down was at the after party where grilled food was a catalyst causing the event to hit stride and launch off into the stratosphere.

The Air Show was the first in a series of events designed by Paul Buelow to expand on competition format to be fun, interactive and inclusive with broader appeal in order to allow new people to meet riders, learn about kiting up close, give feedback, complete an informal survey and find about what it takes for the best riders to go kiting in extreme conditions.

All partipants were awarded a kiting survival kit from Ooto which includes sunscreen, skin cream, vitamin C and echancea.

A mobile event with 3 courses to choose from allowed for flexibilty on the water depending on conditions on the San Francisco City Front. The course was led by boat driver Jim Kiriakis out into high wind and slowly moved upwind under the golden gate bridge where some waves were breaking. Judging was completed by participants voting for who they thought was best at course, expression and jump. Riders are not allowed to vote for themsleves.
Air Show

The flexible course and format allowed for everyone to ride the entire time and have fun. Some problems can occur if riders try to dominate photographers and block other partipants in what can only be described as potentially dangerous-but this was an issue that did not occur due to the level of our participants who enjoyed riding together. Using a course format with required rounding buoys can separate out riders. A great deal of fun was had by riders who explored sections of the Bay from Racoon Straits to Fort Point. The award for best overall expression and jumps was given to Anthony Chavez - perhaps becuase he is a really nice person but also because he rips.

Exploring a regional kitesurfing event format that showcases a marquee location and offers an opportunity to engage and interact with the spectators is the inspiration for this event and it is a great way to have fun. This format will continue to be explored with the upcoming I-Kite Golden Gate Invitational but doesn't displace the standard one on one eight minute heat format in importance, instead this format seems like a nice format as qualifier for more formal events.

The kite surfer's outdoor grill recipes were flavorful.

Paul Buelow
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