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meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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"Hi. Would you like to know a little bit about kitesurfing?"


  • It’s a new and fast growing sport.
  • It is called kitesurfing or kiteboarding or just kiting.
  • Kitesurfing is safe when safety precautions are met.
  • Kitesurfing requires a step-by-step approach that takes time to learn.
  • The equipment costs about $1-2000 for board and kite.
  • The water is not cold when you wear a wetsuit that’s designed for the conditions.
  • For more information search on the internet for kitesurfing.
  • Visit http://www.sfkitesurfing.com

Common Kiting Safety Rules:

  • Kiters should stay 200 feet away from other boats, swimmers and the beach.
  • Kiters should launch and land only when there is enough room.
  • Kiters follow sailing right of way rules.
  • Starboard has right of way over port if the starboard sailor holds their course.
  • When kiters pass, downwind kiters should fly their kite lower than upwind kiters.
  • Kiters should always double-check their lines carefully prior to launching.
  • Kiters should give the landing signal - tap your head - when returning to the beach.
  • Kiters always offer to assist other kiters, especially to assist those with less experience.

Ambassadors do:

  • Know that kiting is new, cool and beautiful.
  • Know the kiters respect the beach and the people there however they need to share the beach.
  • Know that children and other inexperienced people should not grab a kite or the lines.

Ambassadors don’t:

  • Tell people to get out of the way of kiters.
  • Say it’s super expensive and hard to learn.
  • Promote a specific school/beach

Be a Kite Ambassador. Be responsible, make good decisions. Think about what your doing, use good ettiqutte and kite in a cooperative and safe manner.

Kite ambassadors are proactive in the sport to educate others and encourage safe and fun behavior at the beach.

Want to know more about outdoor safety?

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