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Burning Bush Festival

Burning Man is an insitution, a city, an event and a business. Derivatives exist world wide. In Baja, Burning Bush began in 2003 and has grown in strength as a celebration of woman being and of art.

January 14th 2007 Paul Buelow

The Third Annual Burning Bush party, modeled quite differently than the well known Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, reached a new level of sophistication in pyrotechnics and art thanks to international contributors. A group of French rave artists contributed to the overall success this year, adding dj sets, mega sound, fire dancing, fire eating, specialized performance and a sense of theater that continued for 72 hours.

Combined with the International effects, were traditional Burning Bush meta methodoligies; always different and changing. "Stinger" is a scorpien table filled with scorpiens large and small interacting with a large scorpien model and terra structure reminiscent of woman being. A traditional clothing line displayed women's dainty bits, which eventually exploded in flame. A tree of goat heads symbolized, well, a tree... filled with goat heads. A large figure was centerpiece, in figure eight form reminding me of hourglass manicans of the 50's, corsett constructed figures of the early 1900's, however, the figure was open for interpretation as a central figure.

Secondary pyrotechnic figures complimented the central figure and at times competed as one such desert plant figure constructed to burn was fueled by no less than 17 buckets of gas delivered by running technicians willing to bare the risk of close contact with the burning bush figure. Half of a sedan was engulfed in flame like a left over action hero movie set prop. Overhead, remote control planes interacted, favored by the local campers, the planes were dressed as women with lights depicting the body figure decoratively.

Burning Bush Photos 2006

Burning Bush Photos 2007

Burning Bush Photos 2008

The event began to hit stride hours after sunset with non-rhythemic music and performance and finally interactors engaged the staid audience and encouraged a frenzy of dance prior to the main show-the lighting the hour glass figure.

Hotdog stands and beers rounded out the night of comradery, interaction, dance, chaos, pyrotechnics, community and celebration of woman being.

Muchas Gracias a las familias y las Ciudadas de La Ventana, El Sargento, San Juan de Los Plannes y La Paz para ayudar hacer una fiesta muy buena. Especialamente gracias para los peros calientes en la noche.

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