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King of the Bay

The 2002 King of the Bay kitesurfing and windsurfing event had perfect wind and weather conditions for 3 days of non-stop competition at 3rd Ave, San Mateo California.

The kite competition included Santa Cruz's Dana Pinto and Palo Alto's Chip Wasson pictured above left with Shelia Shekar. Check OOTO's KOB video gallery for shots of Dana (right) negotiating a Women's Pro Kite tie for first with Rebecca Walthers.

Greg Boyington, (pictured left center) won the Men's amateur kite competition over Paul Buelow, kiting in 40 mile an hour winds. Greg was also awarded the "scary" award for jumping over the rocks, barely. Greg pulled off his move - a piglet to monkey, poke and a soak.
King of the Bay

Mark Doyle, (pictured right) placed second in Men's pro kiting. Mark dominated the contest with airtime and technical tricks but Sky somehow wowed the judges to win. See the KOB photo gallery for shots of Sunday's Men's Pro final that let you be judge.

And, by the way, there was windsurfing too. Check out the video of tricks including forward loop, spock, volcan, flocka, spidey, fake gnoider and more.

The competitors enjoyed three days of high winds, gusting at times to 40 miles an hour as shown here on IKitesurf.com's wind archive. The gusts were scary but no one was hurt and all ended well.

- Paul Buelow email info@ooto.com
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