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RedBull King of the Air

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Kiters Meet At The Beach


We arrived with the wind. Early in the day, our crew including Loud Mouth Greg, Chip Wasson, Dana Pinto and Maui's Brett Lickle, picked up fresh vegetables, fruit, drinks and ice then hit kitebeach mixing with the beginners, intermediates and pros there. Unlike the reputation, KB is the home of friendly kiters, including Mauricio Abreu, Shannon Best and of course, the master sensei, Lou Wainman.

A wide variety of equipment was in use from 80cm strapless boards to 135cm rectangular boards and directional boards. It's windy -Short lines on big kites or long lines on small kites. Personal choice and experimentation is the standard. Styles vary, though a predominance of 4 line kites with a pulley bar setup and power loop were the common denominator. Unhook is the call to arms.

I moved slowly into the launch area. In a moment, the crew offers sunscreen, water and a few tips. Try "foiling", "kiteloop", "send it". We are at home - another kitebeach, but no different - people having fun watching out for each other at the beach. The Cabrinha party at kitebeach included a mechanical bull, tiki torches and djs. A few RedBulls later and, well, girls can ride bulls. The party was incredibly fun into the night - thanks to Nicole Barett for putting on an amazing party on the beach with the c-crew.

All over the island the energy increased for the RedBull event. Or vice versa.

Wind helps. Riders can do amazing things when the conditions setup.

Maui is always changing, kiting is welcome if you are considerate of others. Wait til 11am to ride where there's surf and share the beach.

Girls have taken over where guys used to be in the majority. tootoogood

Qualifier and Main Event

Canoe Hale offered up a variety of conditions challenging qualifying riders to make quick decisions about gear. Light, medium and heavy-- the conditions varied making it tough for most, though issues were forgotten around a well prepared luau and awesome dj styling from Alf "My Brother" Imperato.

Not everyone can make the main event with so many of the world's best here. It was a tough event - yet no one complained and riders helped each other with gear. Kiting competition requires comradery at best. Riders can have caddies holding gear and helping on the water. But, if the watermen, Mark Angulo or Derek "Double D" Dorner's help is required-you're out.

Main Event
Ho'okipa delivers. Wind, waves, kiters and fashionable spectators convened at the beach for what some call the event. This is it. Loud Mouth Greg "LMG" made it. Flash, Robby, Sky and the new guy Ben Meyer, met with established riders, Martin Vari, Bertrand Fleurry, Mark Shinn and Maui mainstay, Chris Gilbert, for fun on the waves and in the air.

Difficult to comprehend a rider sending it 15-25 meters with a 1080 board off and kiteloop. Unfathomable? Dominating. Huge... Sick!

Women kite. Fabiene d'Ortoli rides the surf with power, Sheldon Plentovich pulls sick air, Rebecca Wolthers pulls multiple spins board off and Dana Pinto powers her moves. The new school girls made work for prequalified Julie Prochaska-Gilbert.

Sheldon Plentovich outmatched Fabiene d'Ortoli in the women's final with a variety of high jumps, wave riding and technical force. Mark Shin rode consistently with height, sick moves, and control over Flash Austin who sent it over Sky "curly" Solbach.

The event final culminated into kitebeach perfection. Nothing was out of place. Girls, kites, waves, wind, music and parties. Questions? Ask Joe Cool. He seems to know what's up, along with RedBull and Waltze Productions. The week of events may be the greatest ever.

Lastly, the closing party was elegant. Master of ceremonies, Mark Angulo walks the walk and talks the talk. Tamara, Carolyn, Mike and the whole posse of staff members who make up the RedBull King of the Air-- thank you. click. done.

Results: Men: Mark Shin 1st, Flash Austin 2nd, Sky Solbach 3rd. Women: Sheldon Plentovich 1st, Fabiene d'Ortoli 2nd.

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