oo-to (oo-tu) adj. noun.  
meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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2 vs. 4

Luciano vs. Christiano a la kitesurfing - A fictional story

Luciano is wakeboard in the morning glass at Ka'anapali in front of el crab cather. He has to work in the late afternoon performing "traditional cliff diving" in front of the sheraton at sunset. Luciano told me "he is a freestyle he like' for to make trick when he show much respect to the wakeboard moves. Why they don't for to make kitesurfing with 2-line kites? No? Christiano surfed in a big wave and caught big air with a 1040 board off. I say to my friend Luciano, "He rips 4 line kites."

Story — the two riders went to the water to battle it out in a modern warrior battle. Each uses techniques, tricks and mastery to win the competition. Though in the end they both achieve their own vastly separate goals.

"I making no pressure on nobody. I’m not saying this is the way to do it. I like to wakeboard. This is what I want to do. I like to bring wakeboard moves to kitesurfing. It’s what makes the sport interesting," said Luciano.

"Sometimes I like to go big. I rig the biggest kite I have and try to fly. I want to be scared. For me this is the most exciting part of the sport. I think little spins are boring. I challenge you. Let’s meet on the water for a competition," said Christiano.

The two met the next day. Luciano rigged a small kite with a little wakeboard. His bar was small with two lines and his bar had one fixed harness line. Christiano had a very large kite and long bar and there many lines connected. There were 4 lines and a safety leash. His lines sparkled in the light.

The two hit the water at the same time. The conditions were perfect for kiting. 14-22 knots and flat water inside with waves breaking on the reef a short distance away. Luciano hit a jump first-- A front 540 degree aerial spin with his board above his head while he held the bar with one hand then halfway through he spun his body and grabbed the bar behind his back with his other hand. He landed with his back to the water but he kept moving and pulled a spin across the water. He seemed to float as he pulled. Christiano hit a big jump coming in. He flew for about 6 seconds and then spun high in the air then he spun back and landed.

On the next tack the two crossed closely, as Luciano flew by, Christiano crossed his kite in front. As the lines passed closely and then touched the lines sparkled again. Kapow, Luciano’s lines were cut and Christiano kept moving. Quickly another 2 line kiter sailed to Luciano who grabbed the kiters harness and dragged with him quickly to shore, grabbing another 2 line kite. Luciano began again to make new moves and fly like a gymnast across the water. This time he tried to avoid Christiano’s attempt to cut the lines by pulling tricks in an unpredictable manner. He flew backwards and forwards in the same jump. He spun like a blender and he landed everything. Undaunted, Christiano flew high landing and relaunching big moves that wowed the new crowd of onlookers.

2 vs. 4

Octovio and Alfonso- A fictional scene on the beach

In a moment, Octavio hot launched his ram air kite upwind on the beach. He launched alone and his kite was directly downwind of him as usual. He could self-launch and then fly the kite to the side of the window. He had done so hundreds of times without a problem. This time the kite loaded up and he flew face first down the beach at Luciano and Christiano. Also, Alfonso simultaneously launched his ram air kite 90 degrees to the wind. He found his method to be safe and successful though he appreciated a little help with the launch and landing when possible. Although unfortunately, the kite captured a gust and he was launched into the air with his board attached to his leg by his safety leash.

At once, there was a collision between the ram air kiters. Together, they flew at Luciano and Christiano. Chistiano’s glass powered lines cut the other lines but the ram air kites flew into his and the whole mess began to fall from the sky. Luciano was the only one free from the mess that was now entangled with Christiano. Luciano launched and flew 15 meters high, just missing the entangled kiters and as he flew he pulled his signature triple lindy-lifter spin no handed. Like a leaf, he blew across the sky and landed flying fast.

No one could be awarded the title of champion since the contest had been interrupted and notably some cheating had occurred. Each day thereafter they saw each other at the beach. They would have conflicts repeatedly as one set of lines would cross the others. Neither understood the nuances of the other kiter’s style. When they did ask for help from each other it resulted in a bad launch and a small fiasco with yelling and a crashed kite.

Until finally one day, a very wise man named Ian who sailed an old mechanical boat called a windsurfer spoke and said, "it is not important which kite or how many lines you ride or who is the best. What matters is that you get your hair wet!" No one understood what Ian meant and they all walked away and they never saw Ian again. Except, when they saw another kiter who needed help with a launch or a landing, even one with a different style, they would shrug, offer to help and say "go get your hair wet."

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