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Baja Crossing
Crossing Directions

Crossing at Otay Mesa

If you are coming South on the 5 or the 805, it is easiest to cross at Otay Mesa (I-905 from either freeway), take the entry point to the first traffic light and turn left (toward the Tecate toll road). It will be about 4 miles. Just before you enter the Tecate toll road, turn right when you see a big four lane on the right. That will be the Boulevard 2000. It drops you just below Rosarito. Turn left and you will enter the toll road just before Puerto Nuevo.

Keep in mind that the toll road is under construction in several areas below Puerto Nuevo, and you will end up merging to the opposite side several times. Also, Mextrans may not have cleaned up all the slides from this past week's rains.

Tecate Crossing (coming soon)

And San Ysidro

From San Diego, California, take Interstate Highway 5 or Interstate 805 south. This will take you to the San Ysidro, California border crossing (at Tijuana). There will be various freeway exit signs along the way including one reading “Last U.S. Exit.” If you are planning to walk across the border, then you’ll leave the freeway at this exit, find a parking lot, and proceed to enter Mexico (Tijuana) on foot. If you continue driving, the freeway takes you right into Mexico.

The toll road (cuota) and the free (libre) road. The well maintained toll road is faster and easier with beautiful ocean views. The toll highway is also patrolled by the “Green Angels,” a mobile mechanic that will assist you in the event you have mechanical problems.

There are solar powered call boxes located about every two miles along the toll road. If you need help just pick up the phone and a bilingual operator will provide assistance. The free road is harder to find if you are not familiar with Tijuana, Once you locate it, you will find a modern four-lane highway, but with heavy commercial traffic, many exits, and many people. It is not nearly as scenic as the toll route. Our recommendation is to take the toll road.

To get to the toll road from the border, bear to the right just after entering Mexico. Work your way into the right lane as you climb the first small rise. As the road merges with another lane on the right get over into this lane as soon as possible to avoid missing the exit. Take the exit marked Playas de Tijuana Rosarito. This will take you to the road that runs along the international border (Avenida Internacional). You’ll see the border fence to your right as you travel west. You’ll stay on this road as you climb the first hill. Stay right and keep going straight.

As you drop down into the canyon (known as “Smugglers Canyon”), you’ll want to take the right turn-off to the road going west (Marked Ensenada Quota which means Ensenada Toll Road). As you merge, get over into the left lane and stay there. Up another hill and then you’ll drop down to Playas de Tijuana, the beach community of Tijuana.

Just ahead is the toll booth. A toll fee of approximately $2.35 US dollars will take you all the way to Rosarito Beach. The 17 mile scenic trip will take about twenty minutes. It is a beautiful trip. Some of northern Baja California’s most spectacular scenery is along this route that glides along the coast with its unblemished views of the Pacific Ocean.

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