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1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
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Photo Journal 2002

Diciembre 15 2002
Papalotes, Politicos y Policia--Las politicas des maestros a la playa.
Photo: Buelow - Las Mejor Estudiantes!

Diciembre 5 2002
Modere su velocidad en Mexico.
Photo: Buelow - Muy bonito!

Diciembre 1 2002
Estudiantes de papalotes a playa La Ventana.
Photo: Buelow - Playa La Ventana.

Noviembre 28 2002
Thanksgiving con pescado al mojo de ajo.

Noviembre 27 2002
Baja California Sur Christmas decorations.
Photo: Buelow - Preparando la casa para Christmas.
Noviembre 21 2002
Baja 1000
Noviembre 20 2002
Mas personnes- Muchas Fiestas.
Noviembre 20 2002
Dia de la Revolucion 1910 en Mexico. Photo: Buelow - La Fiesta de Revolucion
November 19th 2002
Border crossing Baja California
November 9th 2002
Jim. Great year.
Photo: Buelow - Jim
November 7th 2002
Storm. Party. Salsa.
Photo: Buelow - The Storm.
November 4th 2002
Fall Kiting at TI.
Photo: Buelow - Treasure Island
November 13th 2002
Fall Festivities.
October 26th 2002
Red Bull Flugtag.
October 25th 2002
Fall Highlights.
Photo & Video: Buelow - SF Octoberfest
October 24th 2002
Baseball World Series Game 5.
Photo: Buelow - McCovey Cove, San Francisco, Pac Bell Park.
October 23rd 2002
Kite. BaseBall. BBQ.
Photo: Buelow - McCovey Cove.
October 19th 2002
Kite and bbq.
October 18th 2002
Photo: Buelow - Lighthouse.
October 17th 2002
Baja Caifornia Sur, Frontier - They can make a border but they can separate the kiters from the beaches.
Photo & Video: KiteBeach!

October 16th 2002
Mexico offers adventure.
Photo & Video: Buelow - Reef Bicycle.

October 15th 2002
Inverness can be a great place to kite and get away. Nearby, Tomales Bay offers some of the best oysters in the world.
October 14th 2002
Summer flashback.
Photo & Video: Buelow - Relax.

October 13th 2002
Fleet Week Celebration.
Photo: Buelow - Blue Angels

October 11th 2002
Larry shows up at 3:30. Everyday. Rig, sail, rinse, repeat.

October 5th 2002
Loud Mouth Greg greets Top Hat after a windy heat.

October 4th 2002
Ho'okipa is wave riders paradise.
Photo & Video: Cool - Wind and swell.

October 3rd 2002
Maui has wind and waves.
Photo: Buelow - Dana Pinto.

October 2nd 2002
Foiling is growing in popularity.
October 1st 2002
Maui has wind and waves.
Photo: Buelow - Mama's fish house looks out over the Lanes.
Red Bull King of the Air Report

September 21st 2002
Crissy is good when the wind is from the west. And when it's not, it's still a nice place.
Photo: Buelow - Nice.

September 19th 2002
Kite Night - Surfer's BBQ follows kiting at Crissy.
Photo: Buelow - Cooking

September 18th 2002
It's getting hot out here.
Photo: Buelow - Summer Part II

September 15th 2002
Indian Summer arrived in SF. Strange weather. Hotdogs.
Photo: Buelow - A diversion

World Expose' - Professionals enter the Bridge of the Gods Amateur Kiting event, and "ruin it for everyone."
Photo: Ryan - Winners

September 10th 2002
First Kite. Second Party.
Photo: Buelow - BirthdayGirl

September 8th 2002
BirthdayBoy has a big day. Kiting and windsurfing off boats is a great way to be where it's windy.
Photo: Buelow - BirthdayBoy

September 8th 2002
Everyone came out to Crissy for the BirthdayBoy celebration. Wind West 20 knots.
Photo & Video: Gorman

September 6th 2002
Kites win the GG Bridge to Bay Bridge race for skiffs vs. windsurfers vs. kites. Chip Wasson won the event with local knowledge of the conditions and the right equipment-a kite.
Photo: Gorman - Chip Wasson B2B winner!

September 6th 2002
PASA Certification was a huge benefit. Critical analysis, coaching, Q&A, fun and learning for instructors and students.
Photo: Buelow - PASA Certification

September 6th 2002
Ooto is in the press. Fox Sports Network, Fortune Small Business, East Bay Express, Tech TV, The Independent. In the SF Bay Area watch us on Fox Sports Network Channel 40 on 9/7 9am, 9/14 9am, 9/21 9am, 9/28 9am, 10/8 3pm, 10/16 3pm.

September 5th 2002
Ooto Instructors undergo exam by the Professional Air Sports Association.
Photo: Buelow - PASA Certification

September 2nd 2002
Hot. Zero wind. Hotdogs.

August 29th 2002
The Coast Guard rescues you because you made a decision to go out in light wind, or you rig too big and get pulled into the berries, or worse, a stranger accosts you for disbelieving people can fly without a kite.
Photo: Buelow - Sometimes you have a bad day.
August 24th 2002
First there was triathalon then there was picnic with French people and kiting and then a lobster feast. Whew!
Photo: Buelow - Chaos ensues

August 23rd 2002
A great deal of focused concentration goes into being efficient with your time outdoors. Here Ian Boyd trains hard.
Photo: Buelow - Ian riding fog banks!

August 21st 2002
Chip is working on new moves. But he won't show them because some people will steal them. Here, he hits the same old moves to confuse upcoming riders.
Photo: Buelow - Chip sending it!
August 20th 2002
The OOTO crew hit Baja each Winter for kiting. Jim Stoecker indentifies his catch.
Photo & Video: Stoeker - Jim kayak fishing

August 15th 2002
The OOTO crew ride the steady wind and big ramps at 3rd ave. near the San Mateo bridge.
Photo: Steve Gunn - Kevin foot out grab

August 10th 2002
World Champion wave rider Ian Boyd knows how to have fun and break stuff. Check out Ian wake riding near Sam's Tiburon.

August 5th 2002
BBQ chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled green onions and bokchoy dominated a weekend of sailing off Treasure Island. Photo: Paul

July 30th 2002
BBQ corn on the cob, asparagus, onion, red potato, salmon steak, tri-tip, fresh herbs and hot dogs at Crissy.
Photo: Don & Gina
July 30th 2002
Sherman Island has delivered perfect conditions for weeks on end.
Photo & Video: Wijsen

July 29th 2002
Another weekend of kiting at Sherman Island and Treasure Island was interrupted by a short visit to the RedBull Street Luge. Photo: Buelow

Abner Kingman is preeminent on the scene, camera in one hand, the helm of his whaler in the other, shooting sailing from all angles. Here's a preview of his work shooting kiting on the San Francisco Bay.
Photo: Kingman

July 4th 2002
BBQ Hot dogs, potato salad, kids playing in those jumpy things and 10,000 boaters. Whew. Kitesurfing was complimented by fireworks at Mandeville Island.
Photo: Buelow

July 3rd 2002
Chip rides Waddell with the super trendy Caution kiteriders on their bright kites with pink flames, Peter and Poul Schiebel.
June 30th 2002>
Plumber's Butt Beach, Stockton CA for boosting on kites..
Photo: Buelow - Taylor jumping the J-24 "Blender Cookie"
Featured Song
New, kiter John Radkowski plays "Drink". download mp3 Paul - percussion.

June 27th 2002
Randy sends it over the rocks at the inside section of 3rd Ave San Mateo, Ca.
Photo: Radkowski

Treasure Island is a machine. The wind doesn't stop and the water is flat on the inside of the jetty at the NorthEast point.
Photo: Buelow

Sherman Island river photos are in. Watch the Ooto crew sail into the moonlight.
Photo: Buelow

The King of the Bay kite competition had awesome wind, gusting at times to 40knots. "Top Hat" loses his hat (right). Check OOTO's video gallery for shots of Dana Pinto and other hot kitegirls claiming territory on the kite scene and scratching their way ruthlessly to the top.
Photo: Buelow

Kiting is literally a blast. Watch this guy demonstrate the wrong kiting method --stay away from the rocks!
Photo: Buelow

Kiting on the San Francisco Bay is a rich visual experience combined with consistently high wind and a variety of wave and tidal conditions.
Photo: Martin - Mark Doyle

Kiting under the Golden Gate is multi-dimensional, tourists on the bridge, ferries and sailboats shout encouragement to launch big air. Photo: Martin

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