oo-to (oo-tu) adj. noun.  
meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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Photo Journal 2005

December 28th 2005
Los Barriles
December 26th 2005
Jim goes to Punta Pescadero
December 23rd 2005
Isla Cerralvo
December 21 2005
Turtle conservation, Todos Santos
December 20 2005
Skim session, Cerritos
December 19th 2005
Kite session
December 16th 2005
December 15th 2005
December 14th 2005
Graduation Night
December 12th 2005
Car trouble
December 5th 2005
December 2nd 2005
Chokie y Kote
November 29th 2005
Canyon Rave
November 11th 2005
Maria-Jose Learning to Kite
November 9th 2005
Isla Cerralvo
November 8th 2005
Kite Boating and Snorkling en Punto Gordo
November 6th 2005
Puerto Vallarta Semana Halloween y Dia de Los Muertos
October 28th 2005
Gringo en paraiso La Paz
October 26th 2005
Animal Adventure
October 25th 2005
El Coromuel
October 24th 2005
Campamento Pablo La Ventana
October 20th 2005
Punta Pescadero to Cabo
October 19th 2005
El Triunfo to Punta Pescadero
October 18th 2005
La Ventana
October 17th 2005
Isla San Jose
October 15th 2005
Dog Day
October 14th 2005
Isla Islotes y el Abajo
October 13th 2005
Adventura La Paz a Espiritu Santo
October 11th 2005
Campamento Pablito
October 10th 2005
Club Dodge
October 9th2005
Espirtu Santo
October 8th 2005
Circumnavigation de las Islas
October 6th 2005
el Malecon
October 2nd 2005
Final Days of Summer
September 29th 2005
Bay of LA to La Paz
September 27th 2005
Day of the dolphins
September 23rd 2005
Wedding in Bahia de Los Angeles
September 21st 2005
Exitos en Mexico

September 17th 2005
Big Boat Series
September 16th 2005
Surf's Up
September 10th 2005
Wedding Party
September 3rd 2005
Kite Races
August 19th 2005
Sushi Party
August 18th 2005
Windsurf Races
July 30th 2005
My Delta Beach
July 8th 2005
Marine Mammal Center
July 7th 2005
Thursday Kite Series
July 3rd 2005
Delta Daze
June 25th 2005
Sherman Island
June 22nd 2005
BVBC Hosts Mexican Navy
June 18th 2005
Fort Point Surfing, San Francisco
June 13th 2005
HWY 35 Peninsula Summit, California
June 11th 2005 Triple Crown, SF, California
June 5th 2005 Fareye Gets Busted, California
June 4th 2005 Ian's Day, California
May 30th 2005
Memorial Day, California
May 27th 2005
Friday Night Series, Crissy Field, California
May 20th 2005
Crissy Field, California
May 21st 2005
Inverness, California
May 22nd 2005
Limentour, California
May 13th 2005
Fort Ross, California Snorkeling
May 13th 2005
San Francisco to Bodega Bay
May 12th 2005
Boating San Francisco
May 5th 2005
Ol' Trucks are cool
April 22nd 2005
Ocean Beach, San Francisco
April 16th 2005
Cite Livin, San Francisco

April 1st 2005
Cabo to San Francisco
March 26 2005
La Ribera East Cape
March 25 2005
Botanical Garden La Ribera
March 23 2005
Punta Arena to Punta Pescadero
March 22 2005
Chivato to Los Innocentes
March 17 2005
Espirtu Santo, Baja
March 11 2005
Punta Chivato, Baja
March 10 2005
La Ventana, Baja
February 18 2005
Carnivale La Paz, Baja
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