oo-to (oo-tu) adj. noun.  
meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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Photo Journal 2008

Dec 30th 2007
Rancho Buena Vista Session

Dec 29th 2007
Smithy Reunion

Dec 25th 2007

Dec 22nd 2007

Dec 20th 2007

Dec 20th 2007

Punto Cabron

Dec 16th 2007
Campo Pablo Ventana

Dec 16th 2007
Bahia de los Muertos

Dec 15th 2007
Las Cascadas de La Ventana

Dec 10th 2007
La Paz to Tecolote

Dec 9th 2007
Campo Juan Pablo

Dec 8th 2007
Beach Camping Party

Dec 5th 2007
Fishing Bay of La Paz

Nov 13th 2007
Chino Muleta

Nov 9th 2007

Oct 25th 2007
SF to Mex commute

Oct 13th 2007
End of the Season

Oct 7th 2007
Decompression, SF

Oct 5th 2007
Long Days if Indian Summer

Sept 30th 2007
Barbary Coast Shakedown Video
Belly Queen Video
Dance in SF

Sept 29th 2007
Mavericks, SF

Sept 29th 2007
Love Fest Video
Erica and Miss Kelly Video
Sept 28th 2007
Kiting and Windsurfing, SF

Sept 16th 2007
BBS Finale San Francisco

Sept 15th 2007
A Day in San Francisco

Sept 14th 2007
Windsurf Racing Series

Sept 14th 2007
Big Boat Series

Sept 13th 2007
Kite Racing Series

Sept 13th 2007
Big Boat Series

Sept 9th 2007
Power to the People

Sept 3rd 2007
Desert Sailing

Sept 3rd 2007
Nevada Camping

August 25th 2007
China Camp

August 24th 2007
Bridge to Bridge

August 24th 2007
Skiff Racing

August 22nd 2007
Ronstan International 18 foot Skiff Regatta
KTVU, Ooto video
August 21st 2007
Ronstan International 18 foot Skiff Regatta

August 17th 2007
Windsurfing Racing

August 16th 2007
Kitesurfing Racing

August 11th 2007
US Windsurfing Nationals

August 10th 2007
US Windsurfing Nationals Slalom
August 9th 2007
US Windsurfing Nationals
Long Distance Report, Video, KRON, KTVU, Latitude, SF Gate
August 8th 2007
US Windsurfing Nationals day 2

August 7th 2007
US Windsurfing Nationals day 1

July 29th 2007
Arne's Big Air Wind Jam
July 27th 2007
US Kitesurfing Nationals
July 21th 2007
Lil Smithy free ride
July 14th 2007
Black Rock Desert YC
July 7th 2007
Greg Boyington sails SF to Rio Vista on a 10 foot surfboard.
July 5th 2007
St. Francis Yacht Club Series
July 4th 2007
Independence Day
July 2nd 2007
Crissy Field
June 30th 2007
Joys of the Delta
June 28th 2007
St. Francis Yacht Club Series
June 24th 2007
Sailing Delta's Islets
San Jauquin River
June 23rd 2007
Red Neck Regatta
Gunkhole June 15th 2007
Gunkholer Regatta
SF to Brannen Island
June 11th 2007
Gunkholer Regatta
SF to San Pablo
June 10th 2007
Gunkhole Rally Preview
June 6th 2007
Ronstan Challenge 33 mile race
May 31th 2007
StFYC Kite Race Series

May 18th 2007
May 17th 2007
Kite Racing StFYC Thursday Night Series
May 3rd 2007
La Paz livin Baja California
April 20th 2007
Ranchin La Paz
April 7th 2007
Isla Cedros, Baja California
April 2nd 2007
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
March 20th 2007
Seri Comca'ac Nacion, Sonora, Mx
Watch the movie
January 31st 2007
La Calle
January 13th 2007
Burning Bush, Mx
January 12th 2007
Isla Cerrlavo, Mx
January 8th 2007
The Barrels

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