oo-to (oo-tu) adj. noun.  
meaning out of the office.  
1 State of focused mindset.  
2 Soulful, transcendental attitude.  
3 Mode of efficiency.  
4 Go [out].  

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Photo Journal 2008

December 26th 2008
The Winter Commute
San Francisco to La Paz

October 19th 2008
Racing the Junk
San Francisco

October 17th 2008
Finn North Americans
San Francisco

October 15th 2008
Old and New
San Francisco

October 11th 2008
Princess Tai Ping work party
San Francisco

October 9th 2008
Princess Tai Ping
San Francisco

Video: Princess Tai Ping
October 4th 2008
Love Fest
San Francisco

Video: Love Fest Parade
Video: Love Fest Belly Dance
October 3rd 2008
Grace Quan: Working the Junk
China Camp to San Francisco

Video: Grace Quan
September 27th 2008
Maltese Falcon enters the Golden Gate San Francisco

September 18th 2008
Kite Racing

September 13th 2008
Big Boat Series Finish

September 12th 2008
Big Boat Series Beach

September 6th 2008
Power to the Peaceful
September 4th 2008
September 2nd 2008
Nor Cal Beach
August 2nd 2008
Turn Rages Across the Slot
August 1st 2008
Ocean Alessio
July 31st 2008
Kite Racing
July 24th 2008
Sunset San Francisco
June ish 2008
June at the Beach

June 14th 2008
USA Kitesurfing Nationals

June 11th 2008
USA Kitesurfing Nationals

June 10th 2008
USA Kitesurfing Nationals

June 7th 2008
Junior Windsurf Team

June 6th 2008
Local Windsurf Races

June 5th 2008
Local Kite Races

May 24th 2008
Master Mariners

May 17th 2008

May 14th 2008
Baja Commute

March 4th 2008

Feb 21st 2008

Feb 19th 2008

Feb 10th 2008
La Vida Loba

Jan 30th 2008
Bahia de La Paz

Jan 25-27th 2008
Crissy Crew in Mexico

Jan 18th 2008
Burning Bush Flower Power Race

Jan 12th 2008
Burning Bush Flower Power

Jan 6th 2008
Ceralvo Illusions

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